DD18 Strobl
Submitted Talks (list subject to some additions)

Abstracts can be download from here

Lecturer Affiliation Topic
Agmon Ben-Yehuda, Orna Rafael Lagrange sliding-colliding interfaces
Ahmadia, Aron Columbia University Distributed hypersphere decomposition in arbitrary dimensions
Antonietti, Paola F. University of Pavia Two-level Schwartz preconditioners for super penalty discontinuous galerkin methods
Arraras, Andres Universidad Pública de Navarra, Spain Lineary implicit domain decomposition methods for time-dependant reaction-diffusion equations
Barker, Andrew University Of Navarre NKS for fully couples fluid-structure interaction problems
Dubkin Cho Pennsylvania State University Uniform preconditioning for generalized finite element method discreitations and its application
Dickopf, T. University of Bonn Efficient simulation of multi-body contact problems on complex geometries
Falcovitz, Joseph Hebrew University Gas-granular flow simulation by parallel computation
Garbey, M. University of Houston Computational tool for a mini-windmill study with SOFT
Gordon, Dan University Of Haifa Component-averaged domain decomposition techniques
Hyea Hyun, Kim National Institute for Mathematical Sciences Numberical study on a BDDC algorithm for mortar discretizations of elasticity problems
Krzyzanowski, Piotr Delta A preconditioner for generalized saddle point problems with an indefinite block
Kuznetsov, Yuri University of Houston Lower bounds for eigenvalues of elliptic operators by overlapping domain decomposition
Langer, Ulrich Johannes Kepler University Linz Parallel interface concentrated finite element tearing and interconnecting methods
Marcinkowski, Lezek Delta A Neumann-Neumann algorithm for mortar finite element discretization of fourth order problems
Mar-Or, Assaf Technion High order one way nesting in one and two dimensions
Pacull, F Fluorem A numerically efficient scheme for elastic immersed boundaries
Park, Eun-Hee Kaist A dual iterative substructuring method with a penalty term
St-Cyr, Amik University Corporation for Atmospheric Research The algebraic optimised RAS method
Sander, Oliver Freie Universität Dune: the distributed and unified numerics environment
Sassi, Taoufik Université de Caen Convergence and implementation of robin domain decomposition algorithm for contact problems
Segre, Jacques CEA Parallelisation of a constrained three-dimensional Maxwell solver
Shitrit, Shlomy Soreq NRC Algebraic multigrid applied to the transonic small disturbances equation
Siahaan, Anthony University of Greenwich, UK Numerical solutions of an interface problem in a heat conduction process using some nonlinear solvers
Sidilkover, David Soreq NRC Compressible flow equations: decompositions, auxiliary variables and fast solvers
Sveshnikov, VM Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS, Novosibirsk The solving of boundary value problems by domain decomposition method without intersection on rectangular quasistructured grids
Szyld, Daniel B. Temple University New conditions for non-stagnation of GMRES, and corresponding convergence bounds
Tal-Ezer Hillel Academic college of Tel-Aviv Yaffo Risolv -Robust Iterative Solver
Toivanen Jari Stanford University A domain decomposition method for discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of Helmholtz problems with Lagrange multipliers
Willems, J Institute of Mathematics, Blug. Acad Sci An Efficient Approach for Upscaling Properties of Composite Materials With High Contrast of Coefficients
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem