Dear DD9 participant,

I hope you all had a safe return from the conference. Thanks to all of you for contributing to the meeting and making it very enjoyable.

Below, please find some information concerning the proceedings. I do look forward to receive your contribution BEFORE September 15.

Best regards for the Editors

Petter Bjorstad

Proceedings from the ninth DD conference

Published by:               Wiley and sons

Deadline for contributions: September 15. 1996

Editors:                    Petter Bjørstad, Magne Espedal and David Keyes

Referee policy:             All papers will be refereed, a contributed talk
                            at the meeting cannot guarantee that your paper
                            will be accepted.

Page limit:                 Invited lectures         10-12 pages
                            Contributed lectures      6- 8 pages

All participants will receive a copy of the conference proceedings.

You should use the Wiley style files, that are sent to all authors by email, can be found at the ftp-server in the directory pub/dd9 or download it from the home page for the DD9 conference at dd9book.shar

Complete manuscripts should be communicated BY EMAIL to: before September 15. in LaTeX source form.

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