DD 20 Conference Information

DD20 Short Course (Sunday, Feb 6): The DD20 short course of Professor Olof Widlund will be given 9:00am-5:00pm on Sunday, February 6. The venue is the Applied Physics and Mathematics Building (A&M), room 2402. Parking in ``green'' spaces in the parking lot directly North of AP&M (P207) is free on Sunday. We have also contracted with Balboa Transportation for morning bus service between the Del Mar and Stratford Inns and AP&M, with return service at the conclusion of the course. Bus stops for NCTD 101 are also close by. Lunch for the short course, as well as morning and afternoon coffee breaks, will be catered. (We have limited space the lecture hall; seating, refreshments, and lunch is limited to those who have registered specifically for the short course.)

DD20 Main Conference (Monday, Feb 7 through Friday, Feb 11): We have an outstanding technical meeting ahead of us in the coming week. The entire technical schedule for the week is condensed on the schedule at a glance page. The longer "Printable Technical Schedule" is downloadable as a PDF file via a link on the left side of this page, as is the (much) longer "Book of Abstracts". A hardcopy of the printable technical schedule (about 8 double-sided pages) will be available at the front desk of the two conference hotels, and will also be provided to all registered attendees when they pick up their name badges Monday morning.

Transportation: The conference venue is the San Diego Supercomputer Center. You have several options regarding travel to and from the meeting site.
  1. If you would like to travel by car, the Hopkins Parking Structure is located immediately South of SDSC. We have contracted with UCSD parking to provide signs to direct you to this structure, and to have an attendant on hand to sell parking permits for several hours each morning of the conference. There are about 50 spaces reserved for DD20, so it would be wise from both the economic and logistic points of view to car pool with other attendees in order to minimize the total number of vehicles and to share costs. Maps are available on the practical information page.
  2. We have contracted with the vendor Balboa Transportation to provide bus service between the two conference hotels (Del Mar Inn and Stratford Inn) and various conference venues. In particular, this bus service will be available each morning to pick up attendees at these hotels and drop them off at SDSC. Return service will also be available each day shortly after the conclusion of the final DD20 sessions. The morning and afternoon buses will run the route twice, with the second run about 30 minutes after the first run, so you have two chances to catch the bus. The detailed bus schedule for the conference hotels can be found on the practical information page, or on the buses at a glance page.
  3. Scheduled public bus service is also convenient for guests at the Del Mar and Stratford Inns. In particular, North Country Transportation District bus 101 stops near these hotels, and also along North Torrey Pines Road on the West side of the UCSD campus. This option involves a short walk (less than five minutes) to and from the bus stops. The schedule and route map are available on the practical information page.
Wireless Access: Several wireless networks are available to DD20 participants.
  1. If your home institution is EDUROAM-enabled you may simply use that network. Click here for eduroam information.
  2. The SDSC wireless network is open and does not require authentication, so it is generally the easiest network for non-UCSD and non-EDUROAM participant guests. In both Windows and MacOS, one simply connects by selecting ``SDSC'' from the available wireless networks. Once it has been selected, the system should configure itself and just work. No more action should be necessary.
  3. The UCSD-GUEST network is available to all UCSD visitors and guests. It is an unencrypted service requiring daily user registration. To use, select the ``UCSD-GUEST'' network, open a web browser and bring up any web site. Follow the instructions on the web page that appears. Click here for more information.
  4. Both of the conference hotels offer free wireless internet access to all guests. Please contact the hotel front desk for information on using their wireless service.
Social Events: The will be several social events associated with DD20.
  1. The Conference Reception will take place on Monday, February 7, from 5:00-6:30pm. The venue will be the patios surrounding the SDSC Auditorium (weather permitting) and the Auditorium itself, where the poster session will simultaneously take place. The menu will be hors d'oeuvre and light refreshments. The return bus service on Monday will take place at the conclusion of the reception.
  2. The Conference Banquet will take place on Thursday, February 10, from 6:30-10:00pm. (Cash bar opens at 6:30pm, dinner served promptly at 7:15pm.) The venue will be the UCSD faculty club. We have contracted with Balboa Transportation for bus service between the Del Mar and Stratford Inns and the Faculty Club before the Banquet, with return service at its conclusion. If you arrive by car, park in lot P206 between AP&M and the Faculty Club. Park in the spaces designated for use by the Faculty Club and purchase a permit in the Faculty Club Lobby. Contrary to our previous posting, parking in no longer free weekday evenings but only on weekends.
Lunch: There are several possibilities for lunch.
  1. The UCSD faculty club serves a buffet style lunch on weekdays. The Faculty Club is a short walk from SDSC. Click here for the Faculty Club web page with daily lunch menus.
  2. The UCSD Student Center (Price Center) has a shopping-mall style food court with a large variety of fast foods, as well as a few restaurants. The Price Center is also a short walk from SDSC. There are also some other student cafeterias located around the campus. Click here for the Price Center Restaurant Guide. For further information consult the UCSD visitors' guide on the practical information page, or click here.
  3. The commercial areas South of the campus have variety of restaurants. While within walking distance, walking access may be problematic due to the limited time allotted for lunch. For these restaurants, as well as more distant locations in La Jolla, Del Mar, or University City, transportation via car would probably be best. See the Visitors' Guides available on the practical information page for more information.



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